Orpheum Children's Science Museum

Critter Corner

We have a growing family of critters at the museum.

The Critter Family Album


The Australian Bearded Dragons

Pete, Papa Pete, and Li'l Pete are the stoic guardians of our Critter Corner.


The Ornate Box Turtle

Windy is a box turtle and lives outside in the summer. She is a longtime resident of the Orpheum, and is the favorite of many!


The Rose Haired Tarantula

If you’ve visited the Orpheum recently you may have seen Galatea, our Rose Haired Tarantula, lying on her back. Despite the concern of several patrons who witnessed this event, Galatea was not ill but instead was preparing to shed her outer shell, a process called molting. As a burrowing tarantula, Galatea moves onto her back in order to molt and removes her old exoskeleton by moving through a crack in her shell. She first moves her head through, then her legs, and finally her abdomen. If you are interested, you can see her now discarded exoskeleton in her cage. Stop by and admire Galatea’s shiny new exoskeleton. I am sure she feels very pretty and would be happy to show it off.


The Madagascan Hissing Cockroach

We have a big colony of madagascan cockroaches at the Orpheum. They are very quiet and well behaved, only hissing occassionally.