Orpheum Children's Science Museum

Volunteer Program

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The Orpheum is looking for enthusiastic and energetic volunteers to create a great experience for our visitors! Explore the opportunities and benefits for youth, service learning programs, college internships, adults, special events, families, and corporate volunteers. We are committed to attracting "star quality" volunteers and team members by supporting personal growth and development.

Your skills can be put to work in a variety of ways. Join one of our special interest crews, apply for an internship, or bring your entire group for an enriching community service opportunity.


Email sign up for volunteer information!

If you are interested in volunteering, serving on one of the Orpheum Crews, or becoming more involved by joining our Board of Directors, please login/register with our site. All volunteers at the Orpheum must fill out an application, and undergo a background check.


The Orpheum has many opportunities for college internships. Students can gain invaluable experience in various departments and fields ranging from education to marketing.

Youth Volunteers

Youth volunteers may begin volunteering at age 12 and include traditionally schooled and home schooled youth.

Group Volunteers

We encourage groups and families to volunteer for specific projects.